A path towards better therapy

Introducing the next generation-wearable device for
physical therapy with a patient-centered approach

A medical technology platform that aims to improve patient health through the integration
of the latest medical and technological solutions

The Problem

The current state of total knee replacements (TKR)

Knee Injuries

Despite medical advances over the past few decades, knee injuries still affect over 72 million Americans each year and is steadily increasing.

Healthcare Providers

When knee surgery is performed, physicians typically assign patients medical exercises to do. However, patient compliance can be as low as 40%.

Stranded Patients

Patients feel disconnected with their physical therapists and physicians, leading to reduced motivation and forgetfulness.

Old Technology

Most clinics still rely on pamphlets for exercises, and patients can not tell if they have the correct form or not.


How does ExoWear work?


ExoWear is leading the way to revolutionizing how we see physical therapy. The ExoWear team has patient accuracy, comfort, and usability as its primary goal.

Real-time Feedback

Patients using ExoWear will have real-time feedback from their physicians, making the recovery process managable and engaging.

Always Connected

With ExoWear, healthcare providers are deeply integrated into your progress before and after clinic visits, leading to a more connected experience.


ExoWear’s servers utilize the latest RSA and SSL encryption technologies to keep your information private and safe from unauthorized users.

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